Claim your Long Service Leave

How to Claim your Leave

To claim, just complete and submit the Application for Payment of Long Service Leave Form to MyLeave by email. The form is in two parts. You should complete Part 1, and your employer should complete Part 2. If you need to print and complete the form use this version

How much will you Receive?

MyLeave pays you at your ordinary rate of pay averaged over your last 220 days of service in the construction industry. Your ordinary rate of pay is the amount due to you for paid leave (excluding leave loading) or if you are not entitled to paid leave the ordinary rate of pay is the rate of pay payable for ordinary hours which are normally 38 hours per week unless an ‘industrial instrument’ applies.

When will you be Paid

Please note that you should allow a minimum period of 2 weeks for MyLeave to approve and process your claim.

Need Help?

If you need help with your application please contact MyLeave.