How construction industry apprentices can enjoy the benefits

Long Service Leave seems a long way off when you’re an apprentice. All you want to do is learn as much as you can over the next few years and get your trade qualification.

Did you know those years of apprenticeship can count towards your long service leave? It’s your time to enjoy.

Benefits of registering

  • Move from employer to employer, even interstate, without losing your long service leave benefits
  • Receive up to 8 2/3rd weeks fully-paid long service leave after 10 years
  • Pro-rata leave available after 7 years
  • Your leave is managed and paid by the Construction Industry Long Service Leave Scheme
  • Benefit is only available to eligible construction industry workers who work on site

Your Entitlements

In Western Australia, to be entitled to a long service leave benefit you normally must accrue a minimum of 7 years service with a single employer.

However if you work on site in the construction industry, you may find yourself working with many employers over the same period.

That’s why a portable long service leave Scheme has been established by Government exclusively for construction industry workers.

The Scheme allows you to carry your long service leave benefits from employer to employer. So it doesn’t matter how many employers you’ve worked for, you can still enjoy the long service leave benefits you’re entitled to.

All you have to do is register.

Who We Are

The Scheme is run by a Board set up by the Government with representatives from both unions and employers. The Board is called the “Construction Industry Long Service Leave Payments Board”.

How The Scheme Works

What is long service leave?

Extended leave granted after a long period of employment, usually in the same job for the same boss.

What is special about the construction industry?

Employees working on site in the construction industry get portable long service leave.

So what does that mean?

It means they can have more than one boss and still qualify for long service, as long as they remain and work in the industry.

Do I automatically qualify because I’m in the industry?

No. You must be registered with MyLeave in order to qualify. To register, complete and submit an Employee Registration Application Form.

Does my time as an apprentice count towards my long service leave?

Yes, providing you are registered and providing your apprenticeship is in terms of the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996.

How much do I get paid when I am on long service leave and who pays me?

MyLeave pays you at your ordinary rate of pay (averaged over your last 220 days of service in the construction industry) when you take the leave.

Where does MyLeave get the money from?

The Scheme is funded by employers with workers in the construction industry. The Scheme is free for employees.

Does my employer have to pay for me?

No, not during your apprenticeship. However, your employer must register with MyLeave and complete returns showing your days of service in the industry.

How does MyLeave know how much service I have in the industry?

Your employer records and advises MyLeave every three months how many days you have worked in that period.

How much long service leave do I get?

8  2/3rd weeks leave after 10 years service in the industry, with a further 4 1/3rd weeks for each additional 5 years of service.

Can I take any leave before I have completed 10 years in the industry?

Yes. After 7 or more years a pro-rata (or proportionate) amount of leave can be taken by agreement with your employer. The entitlement after 7 years is 6 weeks. Also after you have accrued 7 years of service in the Scheme you can claim a lump sum payment of any long service leave entitlement accrued on termination of your employment.

What happens if I have a break from the construction industry?

During your apprenticeship you may have breaks from the industry of up to two years without losing your previous accrued service days. Naturally these breaks do not count towards your entitlement.

How do I know if I am included in the Scheme?

Generally all building and construction industry trades (working on site) are covered; eg. bricklaying, plastering, painting, tiling, glazing, carpentry, plumbing, electrical contracting and metal construction trades. If in doubt contact MyLeave.

How do I apply for registration?

You may be automatically registered when an employer includes you on a quarterly statement made to MyLeave

If you are unsure, complete and submit an Employee Registration Application Form to MyLeave.

If it is found that you are not in a classification of work covered by the Scheme, you will be advised accordingly.

What happens then?

You will be sent a letter containing your registration card and number and a password to access your service details using MyLeave’s web site. Using the web you can check your service details and update your address details.

Also each year you will receive an Annual Notice (if we have your current address), which will advise of the total accrued service towards your long service leave entitlement.

NOTE: It is important that you keep your address details up to date so that you receive your Annual Notices. Failure to do so could result in loss of service days that you may be entitled to.

If you do not receive your registration card within a few weeks, please contact  MyLeave.