Structure of the Board

The Board is a body corporate of seven members who are appointed by the State government principally from nominations made by industry unions to represent employees, the Master Builders Association and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to represent employers. The Chairperson is a separate appointment by the Minister


Ms S Barrera


Ms J Alilovic representing employers

Mr M Buchan representing employees

Mr S McCartney representing employees

Mr J Gelavis representing employers

Ms K Schick representing employers

Ms L Judge representing employees

Functions of the Board

The functions of the Board are:

  • to maintain the register of employers and register of employees;
  • to administer the Scheme of payment to employees during long service leave established under the Act;
  • to advise the Minister on the administration of the Act; and
  • to carry out such other functions as are conferred on the Board under the Act.

Funds of the Board

The Board is funded by compulsory contributions from employers. These contributions meet the costs of the long service leave Scheme and the administrative expenses of running the Scheme. The Board may invest monies as it sees fit in accordance with the WA Trustees Act.