Scheme Overview

Employees in the construction industry have access to a portable long service leave Scheme funded by a compulsory levy on employers.

If you are an employer who employs workers in the construction industry you may be required by law to register in this Scheme.

IMPORTANT: It is compulsory by law for employers, as defined, to register in this Scheme which is established under the Construction Industry Portable Paid Long Service Leave Act 1985 “the Act”
  • Are you an employer or labour hire agency who employs workers in the construction industry?
  • Do you employ workers under a contract of service or apprenticeship in a classification of work referred to in this list of industrial instruments?
  • Do you employ individual subcontractors hired principally for labour and paid by the day or hour?
  • If so you need to know about your obligations to contribute to the Construction Industry Long Service Leave Scheme.